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Star Trek Television Listings
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TV Guide November 2006

01-05 November
06-12 November
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20-26 November
27-30 November
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TV Guide October 2006

01 October
02-08 October
16-22 October
23-29 October
30-31 October
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TV Guide May 2006

01-07 May
08-15 May
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22-28 May
29-31 May
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Television Highlights
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Star Trek Television Listings Highlights

Highlights from the Star Trek television listings this week.
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TV Guide Forecast 2007

With so much great science fiction and fantasy series out at the moment it is difficult to keep track on what in on, that's why Trek TV is here. So here's the forecast for the forthcoming year.
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Ed's Corner

We're back! It's been a a while as other projects had completely taken over. I'm working hard to fill in the gaps in the television listings but my main priority, understandably is getting the current stuff out there.

October has seen some huge news, Lost has moved to Sky with season three starting November. Stargate SG-1 has started it's tenth and final season. Don't expect a conclusion to the Ori arc though, TV movies have been planned for that but you can look forward to the first full SG-1/Atlantis cross-over.


Star Trek Television Listings Guide - The Series

The Star Trek television listings have each series individually colour coded for easy reference to your favourite programs. Here is a brief guide to each TV show.

Star Trek Enterprise

Star Trek Enterprise television listings are available for Sky One, Sky Two, Channel Four and S4C.

Star Trek Enterprise was created by Rick Berman and Bannon Braga. Enterprise premiered 8:00 PM Monday, 7th January 2002 on Sky One.

Set in the early 22nd centaury, Captain Jonathan Archer assembles chief engineer Commander Trip Tucker III, Doctor Phlox, armoury officer Lieutenant Malcolm Reed, helmsman Ensign Travis Mayweather and linguist Ensign Hoshi Sato to become the inaugural crew of the first warp 5 starship, NX-01 Enterprise.  Enterprise first journeys to the planet Kron'os to send an alien being called a Klingon home after it's own ship is destroyed in a crash landing.  Starfleet decide to return the strange creature to its home world against the advice of it allies, the Vulcans.  On board the Enterprise, Captain Jonathan Archer and his crew are joined by Sub-Commander T'Pol from the Vulcan High Command as a condition of use of the Vulcan star charts.   Throughout their journey of exploring the stars they become embroiled in an temporal cold war which results in the Xindi constructing a weapon to destroy Earth. The Enterprise crew race to stop the weapon before it is launched.

Star Trek

Star Trek television listings are available for BBC Two, Sky One, Sky Two, E4 and E4+1.

Created by Gene Roddenberry with Captain James T Kirk is in command of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 in the mid 23rd centaury; one hundred years after Captain Jonathan Archer and his crew first began humanity's voyage into the unknown. Science officer Spock, Doctor Leonard McCoy, chief engineer Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, helm officer, Hikaru Sulu, communications officer Uhura and navigation officer Pavel Checkov help Kirk battle to keep the Klingons at bay and uncover the secrets of the Romulans while boldly going where no man has gone before.

Star Trek The Next Generation

Star Trek The Next Generation television listings are available for BBC Two, Sky One and Sky Two.

The Next Generation, the series many trekkies view as the definitive version of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek. Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Commander Will Riker, Lieutenant Commander Data, Counselor Deana Troi, Doctor Beverly Crusher, Lieutenant Worf and Ensign Wesley Crusher board the luxurious Galaxy class starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, set 80 years after the mysterious disappearance of Kirk at the launch of Enterprise-B. The Q have put humanity on trial where the crew must prove their worth, the Borg are intent on assimilating the United Federation of Planets and the Romulans will do anything to undermine Starfleet and the reunification movement.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Star Trek Deep Space Nine television listings are available for BBC Two, Sky One and Sky Two.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine the series many trekkies claim to be the height of the franchises' creativity and production standards. Benjamin Sisko has been assigned to the remote Bajorian system where he must try and help rebuild an ancient and crumbling world, enslaved by the ruthless Cardassians for half a centaury.  Major Kira Neryes, Constable Odo, Quark, Rom, Nog and Elam Garak try to adapt to a life of peace and reconciliation with their Federation allies. Gul Dukat however has other ideas, a broken man after being demoted from Prefect of Terok Nor stages a coupe-de-tat against the newly elected democratic government of Cardassia and joins the Dominion, plunging not only the region but the entire Alpha Quadrant itself into war. The United Federation of Planets, The Klingon Empire and the Romulan Empire rally against the Dominion, Founders, Jem'Hadar, Vorta, Cardassia and Breen for the cause of freedom and the right to self determination.

Star Trek Voyager

Star Trek Voyager television listings are available for BBC Two, Sky One and Sky Two.

Captain Kathryn Janeway, Tom Paris and Ensign Harry Kim on a mission to rescue Commander Tuvok from Chakotay, B'Lanna Torres, Seska, Lon Suder and the rest of the Maquis in the Badlands when they are abducted and taken 70,000 light years across the Milky Way to the Delta Quadrant.

Star Trek Television Listings Guide - The Terrestrial TV Channels

The Star Trek television listings have each broadcaster individually colour coded for easy reference to your favourite TV channel. Here is a brief guide to each network.
BBC Two Star Trek TV listings   Channel Four Star Trek Enterprise TV listings   Sianel Pedwar Cymru, S4C Star Trek Enterprise TV listings   Five Star Trek Voyager TV listings    


Television listings for BBC Two are in Green.

British Broadcasting Corporation's second terrestrial channel was launched on Monday, 20th April 1964.

The channel currently focuses on lifestyle, comedy and experimental program formats. BBC Two was home for many years to Star Trek, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

Infamous for placing Star Trek at inconvenient timeslots for working viewers and replacing programs in favour of sport events; the BBC lost out in acquiring terrestrial television broadcasting rights for Enterprise in favour of it's commercial counter-part, Channel Four.

BBC Two was also home to the long running Sci-Fi Comedy, Red Dwarf.


Channel Four

Television listings for Channel Four are in Yellow.

Launched on 2nd November 1982, Channel Four Television is the commercial alternative to BBC Two. Not shy of controversy or taking risks, Channel Four has always endeavoured to broadcast new and exciting television formats and programs.

Following it's success with other US programs, Channel Four acquired the rights for Enterprise instead of Star Trek's traditional terrestrial home of BBC Two and after a faltering start of poor scheduling decisions, found a place on it's Sunday umbrella brand of T4.

Although it is often mocked by the T4 presenters, Enterprise was in good company with Stargate SG-1 and Smallville broadcast under T4. Channel Four was also home to Lost for seasons one and two before Sky aquired the rights to season three and four in 2006.



Television listings for S4C are in Yellow.

Twinned to England's Channel 4, Sianel Pedwar Cymru (S4C) was launched on Monday, 1st November 1982. Unlike the Independent Television Network (ITV), S4C maintains it's own unique identity and broadcasts its own programs during primetime hours.

It normally aired Enterprise episodes a week after Channel Four.

S4C also broadcast episodes of Lost along side Channel Four.



Television listings for Five are in Orange.



Other Terrestrial TV Channels

While the other terrestrial television channels do not have broadcasting rights to the TV series, they do occasionally show the films, normally during the holiday seasons

British Sky Broadcasting Cable and Satellite Television Channels

Sky One Star Trek TV listings   Sky Two Star Trek TV listings   Sky Three Star Trek TV listings   Sky Movies Star Trek TV Listings

Sky One

Sky Channel launched in 1982. It became the flagship to Sky Television, launched on 5th February 1989 and was renamed Sky One.

British Sky Broadcasting's currently owns all UK television broadcasting rights including the terrestrial rights which have been sold to the BBC and Channel Four.

Sky One has premiered all new Star Trek episodes including The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise.

Sky One is also the home to Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, The 4400, and Lost It previously showed Tru Calling, Jake 2.0, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Andromeda.


Sky Two

Launched on Monday, 9th December 2002; Sky One Mix is BSkyB's second attempt at a sister channel for Sky One. Sky One Mix was later renamed Sky Mix in October 2004 and renamed Sky Two on 31st October 2005 to tie in with the launch of Sky Three.

Sky Two's primary function is to provide premier programs at alternative times but unlike other network sister channels, it it not operated under the +1 time shift format.


Sky Three

Launched on Monday, 31st October 2005; Sky Three provides Sky with a presence on the the digital terrestrial platform Freeview with the aim of showing slightly older science fiction programs such as Jake 2.0 and Tru Calling.


Sky Movies

Sky's suite of movie channels was re-branded on November 1st 2003 from Sky Movies Premier to Sky Movies 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 and Sky Movies Max to Sky Movies 2. 4. 6 and 8.

Originally these were known as Sky Premier< and Sky MovieMax but were renamed on 1st July 2002 to Sky Movies Premier and Sky Movies Max respectively.

Sky Movies Cinema BSkyB's world cinema strand has also shown the films in the past.

Cable and Satellite Television Channels

E4, E4+1 Star Trek TV listings   Film Four Star Trek TV listings   Sci-Fi Channel Star Trek TV listings UK TV Gold Star Trek TV listings BBC Three Star Trek TV listings

E4, E4+1

Sister channel to Channel 4, E4 was launched on Thursday, 18th January 2001 to allow Channel 4 to compete with Sky One and famously took the broadcasting rights of Friends and ER from them.

E4 also has a time shifting sister, E4+1 which broadcasts the same programs an hour later.

E4 was home for a short time to Star Trek's original series and Lost. It is currently home to Smallville.



Sister channel to Channel 4, FilmFour is a suite of movie channels geared towards art house and British film productions but has in the past aired Star Trek films.


Other Cable & Satellite TV Channels

A variety of entertainment networks have broadcast the films in the past.

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